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Formerly known as KW1 Communications since 2001, we have recently restructured our business focus from Corporate Staffing Events & Staffing Consulting​​ to Professional Coaching and Development of both the active and passive career seeker.

" I relocated to Pasadena, California from Dallas, Texas in 2011. Immediately after my wedding, I got pregnant and enjoyed an extended maternity leave,. After a year, I was ready to return to work, but had no professional contacts in California, so I reached out to you, for assistance. Phone & Video Conferencing made it possible for you to help me through your step by step process of returning to work.  I love my job as a Case Manager and it didn't take as long as I thought.  Thanks so much! The California job market was a little intimidating at first."        Deanna J., Pasadena, CA
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Career Readiness
Career Changers                          Second Chance Offenders
College Graduates​                        Veterans/Retired Military
High School Graduates​                 Vocational School Graduates

**This list does not reflect all client demographics*​​*